My name is Kristina “Beana” Bern Schreibman. I am 35. I was born in the ‘breadbasket’ of the USA and am currently living, working and dreaming in the throbbing metropolis that is New York with my two cats Doozer and Walter Sobchak.

Most days I manage Global Solutions for the Elements Brand of Swarovski where I tap the left side of my brain (sometimes the right) and put to use my degree in Economics, 10 years experience in Marketing and Sales, appreciation for the beautiful attributes of crystal and keen sensitivity to human nature.

There are all the other days though, when I get to utilize my more creative tendencies and work as a freelance photographer for the likes of people like the Village Voice, Theme Magazine and a handful of other known and not-so-known web and print publications, music labels, blogs and bands. As a card carrying member of the International Freelance Photographers Union, a correspondent to American International News Service, a contributing photographer and columnist to some music sites and an avid fan of music in general, I shoot lots of performance work in addition to my travel, street art, documentary and fine art pursuits.

From the tender age of five I became quite comfortable with change and movement and find that those early days have contributed to my still unquenchable wanderlust. I am an avid traveler and, at any given moment, am planning my next adventure. I have had the good fortune to experience life in many places from the Great Plains to the Big Apple, the Green Mountains to the Cape Cod National Seashore, Austria’s beautiful Tirol as well as a 5 month Kerouacian sojourn across North America where home was a Honda Accord…All of these locales teaching me that there are many ways to live (wherever you go there you are) and presence is the best present.

A few other details about me:

– i prefer vanilla to chocolate

– i prefer macs to pcs

– i am learning to play the ukulele

– i paint (with pigments and pixels)

– my grandfather is my best friend

– i think that scars build character

– i keep promises

– i think the best is yet to come

So there you have it. A little about me… Photographer. Traveler. Eternal Optimist.