Curtain Call on these Careful Days

So.  As it turned out, the blog turned out to be a relic of a life lived away rather than among.  Days pass now, as rich and as full as they ever did, but the time or need or desire to collect the moments here hardly pulls on me.  The sweet friction of friends and family who now bear witness to, and join me in my careful days, more than satisfies my need to share my experience and pouring myself out here, on top of this awesome contact, feels both self-indulgent and unnecessary.

End of an era seems a bit melodramatic.  New chapter seems overly simple.  Regardless, I have decided to close the curtain on 2beanornot2bean, the blog.

Thanks to those of you who have come with me for the past almost 5  years.  It’s been a great joy to share my travels and photos and meanderings with you and a wonderful comfort to bring you with me on my adventures….I anticipate that the energy once poured into collecting my thoughts here will be channeled into collecting myself, in general, and I’m hopeful and curious to see what comes next.

Eternally optimistically yours,

Beana Bern




2 responses to “Curtain Call on these Careful Days

  1. I’ll miss reading about your adventures :-) but I guess I’ll just have to hear about them in person

  2. I miss you already … thank you for sharing mind. xo

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