Want vs Right

If we were to reenact a modern-day “Rumble in the Jungle” only, instead of Ali v Forman, the fight was between Want versus Right, do you think it would it last 8 rounds?  Would it be as sensational?  Would it be scandalous if Want triumphed in the end?  “Right” is something that, luckily, happens without much effort or planning from my side even though I feel like most of my days are guided by “Want.”   My moral compass seems calibrated so, even when blind or stumbling, I manage to stay on the bright side and now, finding myself with a moral dilemma rumbling  in my head, I find myself unsure of what to do.

Wait.  That’s not true.  I know exactly what I want to do.  I’m just wondering if it’s what I should do…

When what you want isn’t the same thing as what is right, is there clear protocol for what to do?  Especially if what you want isn’t wrong, per se, but isn’t the most noble choice?  In the context of business, I navigate these waters every day.  Analyzing costs and benefits to arrive at conclusions that seem best for everybody involved.  Nobility isn’t really a factor so there’s less cosmic weight to those decisions.  Applying the same logic to my art is a harder since, it seems, art is also business in its own way…

Choices beget choices beget choices and, eventually, you have brought yourself to where you stand.  I know which way I’m going.  Which way would you go?


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