Spectacular Geography

Where to begin?

The thing about life in the big, bad city is that – in an instant – everything can change.  BAM! new places.  POW! new people.  HUZZAH!  new stories.  A door opens, a path unwinds and you find yourself amazed at the possibilities.  I should probably rename this blog ilovenyc.com because it seems like every time I sit down to share a thought it begins with my spectacular geography.

The last couple weeks have been filled to the brim with work and music and photos and friends and it’s all a little too much to try to weave into a tale for you now.  There’s been no discernible theme other than, ‘go with the flow’ so I’ll keep it simple.  Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been up to when the work is done…

Tragedy @ Brooklyn Bowl

A glitter-infused, rocks off, metal-tastic, spandex-wrapped party with the Tri-State Areas #1 Heavy Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees.  You can check out a few more images from this night right here.

A slightly more subdued evening in Gowanus with Vetiver & the Yellow Birds, a friend and I enjoyed some pretty, pretty music while conjuring the life stories and intentions of just about everybody present.  It was great.  You can see more pix of Vetiver right here.
Then we headed back to Greenpoint for another night with Tragedy that ended with whiskey consumed from the bottle and a great deal of footage that will support the making of a Glitter PSA.  Did you know that the #1 risk of glitter addiction is “Confetti in your eye” followed closely by “Sparkle Cough?”  Seriously, glitter is no joke.

 These guys are so much fun it should (and probably is in some States) illegal.  There are still 2 nights of their residency glitterbombing the Bowl and you should grab some protective eyewear and get there.  Check out some more pix of last Friday’s party right here.
Judging by the party pix you just waded through you might not believe the week could get better…right?  Well, it did.
Saturday I devoured some risotto balls and a Scotch Porter while watching Del McCourey make magic at the City Winery.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there aren’t too many problems that some good bluegrass can’t fix.  I love how Del smiles when he sings…There’s no pix to share since I wasn’t “working” that night so you’ll just have to use your imagination…
Finally, the cherry on top of a mountain of fun….believe it or not…Motley Crew & Poison at PNC last night.  I hopped on a Rocks Off party bus with a real, live motley crew and the rest was history.  Imagine these 3 guys, 1 Bean and bus load of random poison fans…it was awesome and I descend into giggles just thinking about it.

motley crew

On tap for tonight is some Levon Helm & Emmy Lou Harris in Central Park with more bluegrass lined up for Wednesday and…wait for it….Death From Above 1979 on Friday.  I am making up for the musical drought that I lived through in Honkers and now my cup runneth over…



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