The Opposite of Grace

I was slow getting out of bed this morning…probably because I was slow getting into it last night.  My head has been swimming the last couple weeks and what I thought was some kind of derailment is turning out to be just another growth spurt.  Sometimes its hard to differentiate discomfort that propels growth from discomfort that prevents it.

Molting out of my head and into the world this morning (it’s a work in progress), I had some clarity on the superhighway of themes and commentary streaming through my gray matter.  I was given a presentation by some of my colleagues early last years whose job it is to monitor and interpret trends….in fashion, crystal (naturally) but also in human behavior, politics and whatever else.  The diagram that illustrated the short term trends and how they fell against the larger, more universal mega-trends stayed with me. Crazy, sporadic squiggles representing the highs and lows of the day…rhythmic, melodic waves denote movement from month to month…smooth arcs like waves in a calm sea are like the mega trends.  Another way to envision your life.

Surfing those smooth waves instead of riding the roller-coaster ups and downs of the daily squiggle is no easy task, certainly not one that Im especially good at, but I am beginning to believe that it makes the difference between grace and whatever the opposite of grace is.  Now that I think of it, what is the opposite of grace?  Anyway, this growth spurt I was rambling about has something to do with one of my long term arcs revealing its trajectory…like a glimpse of what could be if i do some work and surf the big waves.

This tangent is more incomplete thought than revelation so I will spare you the existential ramblings of a woman deep in thought and, instead, share with you a short story from yesterday’s adventure to Rangger Köpfl and then up to Rosskogelhütte.  It was the maiden voyage of my new rodle and an opportunity to see the brightest moon of the year rise over the Inn Valley at sunset.

This photo can not do justice to the magnificent beauty that my eyes absorbed yesterday but it’s a taste.  The quality time with Uli, Chris and Armin was fantastic and the bahn was long and fun.  Here’s a link to the pix if you want to vicariously rodle with us.

the sun is shining today and im headed up the Nordkette to take in some sun and see if I can’t follow that incomplete thought to the end.


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