Without Friction theres No Traction

…without traction theres no movement and without movement there’s no momentum to carry on.

Those words of wisdom, along with some other beauties, came out of my mouth tonight and it was somewhere shortly after, “sometimes you have to get sick to get well again” that it occured to me that I might just actually know what im talking about.  Sometimes, that is.  Certainly not always but today, at least, I did.  Working in a big company it’s easy to surrender to the flow of politics sometimes and lose your perspective on what is and what should never be.  Acknowledging that there are some things bigger than you that you should not dare to change while maintaining a healthy dose of idealisim (and balls) is sometimes easier said than done.

The 3 weeks that I spent at home in quiet contemplation taught me how to live again…I cook dinner again, do the dishes, eat vitamins, drink tea and have no fear that live food will turn blue and fuzzy in my refridgerator.  The reinstating of this normal, human habit has, with it, restored a sense of balance and normalcy to what was previoulsy a pretty wacky, bachelorette lifestyle.  Canned peas for dinner and 12 hours straight in fornt of an iMac isn’t the stuff of legends, I don’t think.  So now I’m all whole and healthy and, as a result, much more aware of the other aspects of my life that are in need of a feng shui master….some chi polishing or whatever the fuck you do that gets chi flowing instead of making a life wedgie that you spend all your time trying to pick.  Attention naturally flows to the next largest slice of the pie that is my life, work.  I’m on the cusp of something and feeling like there are opportunities to make some stuff happen.  I could be dillusional but I could also be catching a wave…either possibility still offers the opportunity for liberation or wipe out so I guess it doesnt really matter so long as there is forward momentum.  Im seriously thinking about my desires and finally aware of the concept of being careful what I wish for…

Fresh mountain air in my lungs this weekend…sunshine on my hair…gluwine on my tounge and a genuine appreciation for my health and uniquely snowy situation…

Without friction theres no traction.  Without traction theres no motion.  Without motion theres no momentum.

The moral of the story is that its okay to rub up against things, bump into people, agree, disagree and see what develops.  Its how we grow.

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.” ~ Chinese Proverb


One response to “Without Friction theres No Traction

  1. “whats holding you back is whats setting you free.”

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